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Grindr Completely Disables Point Ability; Include We Designed To Feel Much Safer?

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Grindr Completely Disables Point Ability; Include We Designed To Feel Much Safer?

Grindr signifies the conclusion a time recently by once and for all disabling the appa€™s a€?distancea€? choice, which allows people observe just how miles away various other consumers might be.

The choice to build privacy security for all the users will come in direct reaction to present accusations that a bug in appa€™s program enables tech-savvy people to pinpoint the precise venue of users close by.

The safety loophole was revealed as soon as June, when customers across the world began noticing information from anonymous a€?bota€? customers informing all of them regarding affected privacy. Though Grindr doesna€™t especially discuss the accusations, the business acknowledges problematic in a statement released to The united states blogs:

a€?In light of recent security allegations encompassing a usera€™s certain location, Grindr has made alterations to no further reveal point suggestions for users. Grindr continues to render ongoing variations maintain all consumers protected, as necessary.a€?

When it comes down to normal individual, turning on the appa€™s a€?distancea€? solution ended up beingna€™t a major privacy worry. Though it calculated the calculated length between people, the length wasna€™t guaranteed to be specific and did not show which movement consumers are with regards to both.

The choice to disclose certain length appealed to many customers who made use of the app to locate other people in specific markets. … Continue reading